The Great British Blow-Out Tour

Introducing the Great British Blow-Out Tour featuring the ‘Art of the Blow Dry’

In the world of hairstyling, the blow dry holds a special place as both a foundational technique and an art form in its own right. Recognising this, the ‘Great British Blow-Out Tour’ featuring the ‘Art of the Blow Dry', a signature education class first devised by ERGO in the United States, has emerged as a transformative journey, aiming to elevate the skill and creativity of hairdressers across both the UK and Ireland. This nationwide tour promises not only to enhance technical expertise but also to delve into the effects of ergonomics and the power of social media in shaping modern hairstyling trends.

A beautifully executed blow dry can transform not just the look, but also the confidence of the individual wearing it. Whether it's creating voluminous curls, sleek and straight locks, or textured waves, mastering the blow dry is essential for any hairstylist. It's the cornerstone upon which countless styles are built, making it a fundamental skill for professionals in the industry. We’re proud to be at the heart of the Great British Blow-Out Tour and with a team of 20 talented educators, we’re committed to delivering a series of dynamic classes throughout this year and beyond, kindly hosted by an elite group of preferred partner salons who share our passion for excellence and finishing. Our educators bring with them a wealth of experience and expertise, ready to impart invaluable insights into the art of the blow dry.

While technical proficiency is essential, so too is the well-being of the stylist. Understanding the importance of ergonomics in hairstyling, the Great British Blow-Out Tour will shine a spotlight on the effects of posture, tools, and workspace design on the health and longevity of professionals in the industry. By integrating ergonomic principles into their practice, stylists can enhance both their performance and their overall well-being.

In today's digital age, social media plays a significant role in shaping trends and driving consumer demand. Recognising this, Content Kweens, acclaimed social media influencers and trendsetters, have collaborated with us on the tour to explore the intersection of hairstyling and social media. From leveraging platforms like Instagram to collaborating with influencers, participants will learn how to harness the power of social media to elevate their brand and expand their clientele.

As of the latest data available, the hairdressing industry in the UK employs over 290,000 individuals, with an additional 29,000 professionals in Ireland. This thriving industry is constantly evolving, with demand for skilled hairstylists continuing to grow. By equipping professionals with advanced techniques and insights, the Great British Blow-Out Tour seeks to empower the next generation of talent and drive excellence within the industry.

The Great British Blow-Out Tour is more than just a series of classes—it's a transformative journey that celebrates the artistry and craftsmanship of hairstyling and, in particular, finishing. From mastering the fundamentals of the blow dry to embracing the latest trends in ergonomics and social media, participants will emerge with newfound skills, inspiration, and confidence. Our collaboration with Content Kweens has reinforced this ground-breaking initiative and we believe that the future of hairstyling in the UK and Ireland looks brighter than ever before. Adds Janie Tongue, our Director of Education, “Our mission is to get an ERGO brush into the hand of every hairstylist to help them extend their careers painlessly and become true masters of their craft. We have assembled an education team that is not only super-talented but also committed to the cause and passionate about what they deliver."

The Great British Blow-Out Tour is a 3-hour, not-to-be-missed Masterclass that kicked off in Glasgow and is available in select premier salon locations up and down the UK throughout the year. Book your place today and gain the additional knowledge your commitment to excellence deserves.


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