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I have been freelancing for more than a few years, dividing my time between clients and coaching! My passion is hair and giving people opportunities with a voice via my 'Never Just Hair' podcasts. With this I continue my own growth to inspire others.
I fully believe in what ERGO UK are delivering, EDUCATION of the FINISH, with the most premium brushes in the industry.
It's essential that hairdressers support each other to develop their knowledge.
Bringing this innovative THE ART OF THE BLOWDRY, the first of its kind in the UK , I’m proud to be sharing it all with you.
I am Jax of 'Never Just Hair' and let’s grow on this journey together!

Current Class Rating Feedback - 5 out of 5 (May Class) - What the attendees said - "New techniques which I'm going to start using" - "Loved the ERGO brushes and they were easy to use" - "Very informative and answered all of my questions, thank you"


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